Combo Packages

Mount Rainier
Labor Support + 300 hours postpartum support + postpartum placenta encapsulation + 3 belly binding sessions.

Mount Baker
Labor Support + 100 hours postpartum support + postpartum placenta encapsulation + 2 belly binding sessions

Mount St. Helens
Labor Support + 40 hours postpartum support + postpartum placenta encapsulation + 1 belly binding session


Postpartum Support Packages

300 hours Postpartum Support

100 hours Postpartum Support

Pink Lady
40 hours Postpartum Support


New! Remote Packages Now Available!

Our new Remote Packages allow our doulas to guide you through the labor process via video or phone – uninterrupted care at your fingertips, no matter where you are!

Cherry Blossom
Remote Labor Support, 6 hours Childbirth Education Classes,
12 Postpartum Support Sessions

Queen Anne
Remote Labor Support, 3 hours Childbirth Education Classes,
8 Postpartum Support Sessions

Remote Labor Support only


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