Belly Binding

Belly Binding croppedContact us to schedule your Belly Binding session!

What is belly binding?

Belly binding is a way of firmly wrapping a woman’s abdomen in a length of fabric. It has been used for many centuries to care for a mother during pregnancy and to help in healing after giving birth.

Our belly binding sessions take 1-2 hours, and include:

  • The 10-12 yards of wrap fabric (it’s yours to keep)
  • The binding itself, performed by a ProDoula trained doula
  • A demonstration to teach you how to wrap yourself, if you desire

Additional binding sessions are available as well, at a discounted price as they don’t include the fabric.

Why should you consider belly binding?

Prenatal belly binding is a wonderful way to support the pregnant belly, and postpartum belly binding helps your body recover after pregnancy and childbirth.

Potential benefits include:

  • Belly binding has a wonderful supporting and warming effect. It just feels good.
  • Encourages your abdominal muscles and organs to return to their pre-pregnancy position, prenatally it supports abdominal muscles and organs.
  • Can help alleviate that “loose” feeling some women experience after childbirth.
  • Belly binding can help you return to the size you were before the pregnancy.
  • Can improve posture and relieve back and shoulder pain, and prenatally can encourage a good position for baby.
  • It can also help to energetically mark the closure of the birth process, which some women find helpful.

Emerald City Doulas only works with ProDoula trained and certified/pre-certified doulas. This is because we truly believe in the ProDoula philosophy of non-judgmental physical, educational, and emotional support. We empower parents, and provide the support and information you want, so you can make the choices you feel are right for your family. We come with absolutely no agenda. We will always support and respect your individual birthing and parenting philosophies.