Belly Casting

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A belly cast is a plaster sculpture of your belly, and can be an enduring keepsake of your pregnancy. It can be painted or decorated, or left in classic white.

For an additional charge your doula can prepare it to be painted by you, or we can paint it for you.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so we come to your home to create your belly cast.
The entire process should take from 2-3 hours (not including any painting or decorating).

You also have the option of writing a message to incorporate into the cast. We find using unlined or decorative paper and pencil works best. This should be prepared before our arrival, as it will be incorporated during the casting process.

The steps included in preparing a belly cast:

  • First we discuss what kind of belly cast you would like to create.
    • Would you like to cast only your belly? Belly and breasts? Your and/or your partner’s hands on your belly?
  • Once that’s decided we prepare the space we’ll be working in, to protect floors, counters, etc.
  • Then we prepare your skin using Vaseline or saran wrap, whichever you prefer.
  • We then begin placing the strips of casting gauze and then let the cast dry.
    • The strips take about 15 minutes to harden and you must be completely still during this time. This can be the most difficult part of the process!
  • Once hardened, we remove the cast and it’s done!


Emerald City Doulas only works with ProDoula trained and certified/pre-certified doulas. This is because we truly believe in the ProDoula philosophy of non-judgmental physical, educational, and emotional support. We empower parents, and provide the support and information you want, so you can make the choices you feel are right for your family. We come with absolutely no agenda. We will support and respect your individual birthing and parenting philosophies.