Labor Doulas

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Studies show that having prenatal access to doula care can reduce the incidence of preterm birth and cesarean delivery. Another study concluded “Continuous support during labour has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants and no known harm. All women should have support throughout labour and birth.”

From your very first prenatal visit in your home, your Emerald City Doula will provide non-judgmental support, and are trained to provide you with education, comfort, and resources. They don’t make decisions for you – they provide you with the information you need to make decisions for yourself and your family. Your doula will support you in those choices.

You, and those who will be there supporting you at the birth, will learn comfort measures and coping techniques – enhancing confidence in your own abilities and preparing you for what’s to come. These measures can be used during labor, birth, and beyond. Focused breath, comforting touch, and counter pressure are just some of techniques you and your birth partner(s) will be taught.

After your labor begins and when you request your doula to join you, your doula will be there – at whatever birthing location you have chosen – and will remain by your side throughout your labor and 1-2 hours immediately post-birth. Your doula provides support in whatever way you desire. They can be completely hands-on, or show others how to support you — or any combination. They are there to provide whatever you feel you need throughout the process.

Within a week or two after your baby is born, your doula will schedule your postnatal appointment. This visit is focused on nurturing you and your family. Your doula is trained to provide the support and resources you need, from baby swaddling techniques to providing a listening ear to infant feeding support. Our goal is to address any needs you have, so you can focus on what is important to you.

Your doula will listen; to your ideas, fears, concerns and joys. They will provide a non-judgmental ear so that you can be comfortable being yourself.

In addition, Emerald City Doulas are trained to recognize possible signs and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders that may fall outside the normal “baby blues”.

Emerald City Doulas truly believes in our philosophy of non-judgmental physical, educational, and emotional support. We empower parents, and provide the support and information you want, so you can make the choices you feel are right for your family. We come with absolutely no agenda. We will always support and respect your individual birthing and parenting philosophies.