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Emerald City Doulas
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by Elena Saygo on Emerald City Doulas
Doula is family

We met Christi at the beginning of our pregnancy and cannot recommend her and her team highly enough. The services offered were over and above our expectations.

Christi is an excellent judge of character and knew exactly what would work for us during birth. She effectively communicated with the medical staff and advocated for my birth plan wishes. She was also of great support for my partner, offering great advice with compasion and humor.

We also attended their childbirth classes, which were very professional, well explained and presented with hands on interactive exercises. It helped a lot in preparing for birth and baby.

During postpartum, Christi answered so many questions and gave us lots of practical advice and recommendations. I can confidently say that it was way more helpful than what we got from the mother&baby hospital postpartum checkups, lactation consultant and pediatrician.
We even have her on tape giving our little girl her first bath 🙂

by Krissy on Emerald City Doulas
Fantastic Doula

We decided to hire a doula rather late in the game (think 3rd trimester), and were lucky that Christi was available!! She was the only doula we interviewed, but she was the perfect fit for us. Christi shared with us her background and philosophy on labor and delivery, and it matched exactly what we were looking for: support for my support people (my husband and mom). I needed someone in the room to help coach them how best to help me. Christi was excellent in checking in with me the weeks prior to delivery, and answered any questions I had. The day of, she was INCREDIBLE!! After 20 hours of labor, she was invaluable to our team; and she did exactly what she said she would do, coach my support team. Even my mom, who seemed hesitant about having a doula, raved about Christi and how helpful she was. I would highly recommend her and Emerald City Doulas, and if we have another, we will definitely be working with them again.

by Angela Mullins on Emerald City Doulas

We first met Paula and Christi during Labor and Love, a course they offer to assist new parents with all the upcoming transitions. At first meet we felt super comfortable with them both. When my hubs got me post partum doula hours for Mothers day I couldn't have been more thrilled. We don't have any family nearby or much support so it was so wonderful to have Christi come and look after our little one. She is full of wisdom and knowledge and I couldn't put a price on the sense of comfort she gave me. I would highly recommend Emerald City Doulas and we will definitely be working with them again.

by Eleanor on Emerald City Doulas
The right doula for us!

Christi joined us as our labor doula for the birth of our first child. We met her through Emerald City Doulas, and we can’t say enough positive things about the entire experience. Paula of Emerald City met with my husband and talked in detail about their services and exactly the kind of doula we would want. We interviewed three of their doulas, picked a back-up, and found the best fit with Christi. She was easy going and shared with us her birth stories and professional background. We appreciated that through her work history, she was always dedicated to helping others and often in difficult situations. Christi was committed to supporting the mom AND empowering the partner through the (potentially) many hours of labor. She definitely views a doula as part of the team. Pre-labor, we discussed the various steps of labor and scenarios should medical interventions be appropriate or necessary. For Plans A, B, C, etc, we practiced corresponding comfort techniques and talked through logistics. Christi spent just as much time teaching my husband as me. Because we were informed and would have her dedicated attention, we felt more comfortable and prepared for what might happen in the hospital. At the hospital, Christi’s experience and benefits really shined. She knew many of the hospital staff and was our interface with them throughout. We chose to hire a labor doula to add active physical (and emotional) support and a personal advocate to our medical team. Christi met all of those needs. We would highly recommend her and would add her to the team for the next little one.

by Jennifer on Emerald City Doulas
Happy Client

Christi Nixon at Emerald City Doula's was by far the very best person I was lucky to work with. Week 32 of my first pregnancy I was to suddenly change care from midwives to a specialty care. I was so stressed out, I decided to get myself a doula to help self advocate and boy was that the best choice!

Wonderful Paula, who mans the office, got back to me immediately and helped reassure me that she was on the case and would help me quickly. I got a call that day and I was paired with Christi (who I was referred to). It's so strange having to choose a complete stranger to pay to be a close companion in little to no time. It turned out to be a perfect fit.

After a long and troublesome induction I called Christi to Northwest and the nurses attitudes completely changed. Christi had a wonderful working relationship with the staff and I wish I'd called her sooner even if it meant going beyond the contracted time.

In the end, with such a complicated and troublesome delivery, Christi was right there with me postpartum and helped me get through the most challenging parts of adjusting to parenthood. Her non judgement, compassion and empathy were life savers and what's best about having a postpartum doula is that they're there to help you specifically, so there is very little to no drama like you'd inevitably get with family. I also appreciated how available she was via text. She even helped coach me through my child's tongue tie and helped me find a wonderful lactation specialist who came to my home. Together we worked out breastfeeding and pumping and the very best gift of a postpartum doula was giving me one blissful full nights rest while she stayed up with my child.

Having a doula is a wonderful gift to give yourself, having a postpartum doula in addition is a blessing and having Christi or anyone from Emerald City Doulas is a must! I recommend these wonderful folks hands down every chance I get.

by anonymous on Emerald City Doulas

I am a labor and delivery nurse at UW Medical Center. The families that come to us to give birth have varying degrees of support, and often come with little knowledge of what to expect.

Recently I was the labor nurse for a couple who were well informed, were able to express their desires for how they hoped the birth experience would go, and arrived with Christi Nixon, their doula. Throughout their labor, Christi provided quiet, respectful support, and was attentive both to physical and verbal cues from the laboring mom, providing strategies for relief that were in line with the couple's birth plan.

As labor progressed and the plan needed to change, Christi proved herself able and willing to work with medical staff as a team member, to deliver mom and baby successfully, as well as help the family have the best possible birth experience. It was very clear that she was there to advocate for the family, but also worked to help the family understand medical concerns and the procedures that came as a result.

I would be very happy to work again with Christi and any of her clients.