Meet our Doulas

Our doulas are a community of professionals. When you hire an Emerald City Doula, you hire a team. They are all ProDoula trained and certified/pre-certified, and adhere to the philosophy that we share with ProDoula: judgment free support to parents and families.

We strive to ensure you are supported and cared for – and you can trust that your doula is responsible and knowledgeable. Each of our affiliated doulas is proud to serve all of King and lower Snohomish Counties.

The support of a certified labor doula, postpartum doula, and postpartum placenta specialist will prepare you for the amazing journey of parenthood.


Christi Nixon

Christi Nixon – Owner and Doula-in-Chief – Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist, Childbirth Education, Belly Binding, Belly Casting

Christi has been working with and supporting children since 1983, and has worked as a doula since 2013. She attended her 73rd birth in September 2016 and also has two children of her own.

Christi loves helping families as they begin their journey together, and feels it’s an honor and blessing to be allowed to take part in this very private rite of passage.

Her gift of intuition allows her to provide comfort and nurturing, even when clients may not always be able to express what they need at the moment.

Non-judgmental support is very important to Christi. Her mission is to empower her clients and to show them that they are capable parents. No matter what birthing options and parenting approaches they choose, these are their decisions and they will receive her full support.

Christi is trained and experienced as both a Birth Doula and a Postpartum Doula. In addition, she’s trained in Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation, Childbirth Education, Acupressure, Belly Binding, Belly Casting, Rebozo, and TENS Unit.

See testimonials from Christi’s clients here! (Click the “Testimonials” tab).

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Barb Brewer Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula
When Barb was 10, she knew she wanted to be a nurse. When she was 17 she went to work in obstetrics and has never lost the love. Now she has been coaching mothers in labor for over 40 years.

Barb has a calm, soothing nature that abides in a crises. As a doula, she is 100% focused on the family. She also knows that partners have a special role and she loves to incorporate them in the process in whatever way they’re comfortable with.

Barb has raised 5 children of her own. She knows every child is unique and brings her calm, soothing spirit and years of experience to the care that she provides to them.




Aundrea cropped

Aundrea Carmichael – Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist

Aundrea sees being a doula as her calling, with her goal being to help women achieve their dream births, whatever that may entail. She’s dedicated entirely to her clients, and brings her strength to help ease labor pains with hip squeezes and tailbone counter pressure.

Aundrea’s favorite part? Seeing a brand new family born.
She also loves her cowboy boots, and wears them to nearly every birth she attends.






Jessica Colon-Kvame – Postpartum DoulaJessica Colon-Kvame

Jessica really enjoys helping women through their postpartum time with support, encouragement and kindness.

She really goes above and beyond, and has an expansive knowledge of everything baby-related. Her favorite thing about being a doula is making a positive difference in the lives of the families she works with.

Jessica is a mother of two (one in heaven), and loves scrapbooking, sewing, coloring, painting, and is passionate about hiking and hot yoga.





danielle exported

Danielle Dean – Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula

When she discovered doula work, Danielle realized that this meaningful, hands on, compassionate work was what her soul had been seeking.

She finds that for her there is nothing more touching than supporting life’s entrance into the world. She uses all her knowledge of labor & birth and nurturing during the postpartum period. Her goal is to alleviate stress for the family and encourage them to be more fully present to nourish themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In her personal time she enjoys hot yoga, adventuring outdoors with her family, finding new bookstores, meditation, reading, cooking, coffee dates with local birth professionals, and binge watching Netflix.



Paula Gustafson – Postpartum Doula Paula Headshot taken by Alex

Paula loves seeing what a difference a doula can make at a birth, and to a family as they begin their new life together. She loves using the skills she has, because she believes that forming a family connection can change lives.

She grew up in a small town in rural Minnesota, the daughter of a Minnesota Swedish farmer! She wants you to know that feedback is very welcome. She wants to support you the way that you need!

Paula enjoys CrossFit, running, yoga, gardening, tiny houses, volunteering, live music, and theater.





Jeans photoGabrielle Jones Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist

Gabby is passionate about giving families a positive start. She will always tailor her support to fit your needs, and will go above and beyond your expectations.

Gabby grew up in a small town in Virginia, and knows just how important communities can be in supporting new families. She loves to cook and to make spaces feel cozy and comfortable.






Anne Miles



Anne MilesPostpartum Doula

Anne’s calm, patient, and empathetic spirit have been invaluable in her work with children of all ages. Throughout her life she has found ways to work with children, from babysitting, to camp counselor, to teaching children with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities for the past 12 years.

She looks forward to offering you a reassuring and encouraging voice as she supports you and your family through this new chapter in your life.





Jylane Rhyne – Postpartum Doula

11755182_10206627943313175_4743409446020178112_nJylane feels every woman should come away from a birth feeling empowered. You are strong and powerful, and she supports you at every step – sometimes taking women beyond where they thought they could go. Birth can be a defining experience, and Jylane’s goal is to educate, support, and acknowledge, as you experience the emotional and physical challenges of your birth.
She wants to inspire the world with the beauty of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Jylane’s also a mother of two, an avid reader (when she can find the time), and a crafter (knitting, crocheting, sewing, beading, scrapbooking, glam planning, and lots more). She finds it’s a great way to de-stress.






Sophia Scheller – Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula

Sophie Scheller

Sophia has worked with babies and families for over 10 years. She became a Doula in 2016.

Sophia says that one of the big reasons she became a doula is because she has been supported by so many women herself, and she believes that when women hold each other up in times of need, they feel confident and more able to embrace change.

Her favorite part of being a Doula is the post-natal visit when she can see a new family adjusting and growing in love.

She wants you to know that she has a very open heart and an open mind, and supports the birth that you know is right for you. Every family is different and each has their own specific needs.

Sophia is an avid bike rider and vegetarian, originally from Minneapolis, MN.