The Role of a Doula – Once You’ve Hired a Labor Doula

Once you’ve hired a Labor Doula, they can be available to answer questions and concerns about your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

The Emerald City Doulas Labor Support includes two Prenatal visits. During this time you’ll get to know each other, and likely discuss things like:

  • What to expect during your labor:
    • What happens during a Birth Center birth vs. Hospital Birth
    • What happens if you need a Cesarean (btw your doula may have the option be with you and your partner, depending on hospital policy)
    • How the doula and medical staff can work together as a team
    • What your partner or support person can expect when working with a doula
      • A doula doesn’t take over the role of a partner, they compliment the partner and help them support the laboring mother as their comfort level dictates
    • Doula backups: What if your doula is unable to join you because of unforeseen circumstances?
      • Our support always includes a backup doula that you’ll typically have a chance to meet if you wish.
  • Doulas can also help reassure and guide your support person. We give them the foundation they need, as they play a big role supporting you. We work with your partner to discover what they need during this process as well.
  • Many doulas have resources or templates to help you write your birth plan.
  • Some doulas also provide you with a hospital packing list
  • And you can discuss Birth Preferences – your birth is YOUR BIRTH, and Emerald City Doulas will provide support no matter what decisions you make about your birth:
    • Midwife vs. doctor
    • Who you want at the birth
    • When you want the doula to join you after labor begins
    • Medicated or a non-medicated birth?
    • What comfort measures you prefer
    • Do you want a water birth
    • Desires for the first couple of hours after the birth